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Old 29-07-18, 03:28 PM
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the usual suspect(s) for high pitched noises in a water loop is bubbles (air pockets) in right angled fittings, or bubbles travelling through the pump, or air pockets in your block.

bottom-line = you probably have air in the loop somewhere.

  1. completely fill your loop; even the res to its' max.
  2. remove anything that could move around in your rig from it.
  3. switch rig on (or just the pump).
  4. physically, hold the rig in the air with your hands and gently manoeuvre it in in as many directions as possible until the air pockets are shifted to the res. (do not shake your rig - as theis may cause micro-bubbles; which are harder to get rid of)

the noise should have stopped.
once all the noise has stopped (bubbles/pockets are eliminated, you can then bleed the res to your preferred level (if required)

i hope this helps.

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Old 29-07-18, 03:36 PM
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It is almost certainly this:
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