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Originally Posted by barnsley View Post
The same goes for every AAA publisher under the sun then. I don't get the EA hate bandwagon now that every other developer/publisher is going the same way. If anything, the whole traditional "EA sux XDXD" has given certain companies (hi Ubisoft) more freedom to push broken DLC fests. Rockstar is fast becoming a great example of a company who has a good reputation getting away with crap that EA would get slayed for.
Rockstar made my list of "never gonna buy their games again" after GTA 5 online, Ubisoft is almost on the list. and EA made it on the list years ago..

Now EA they publish some really good games. they really do and that is why they made my list so quickly.
They are heart breakers, They make a game i love. i really get in to it we have a community and competitions and tournaments. then ea says Ok thats it thank you And shut down the servers.
the community dissipates and then its gone.
They also absorb companys letting them make games then 1 bad release "because ea forced them to do a game model that the suits wanted to milk more money" and then they dissolve that company. famous devs like bull frog just dissapear in to the eather thanks to ea.
So that is why i hate ea. And why i dont buy or even torrent ea games.
I simply wont play ea games.. that way i wont get hurt lol..

now rockstar.. they made the huge mistake of thinking i like to play with hackers they seems to think i love spending all my time recording and encoding videos to send to them so they can suspend some one for a few days. They also seem to think that there is no need to fix the issue that killed GTA 4 so it couldnt kill GTA 5.
that to me is enough for them to make the list. (again i really liked gta v online, and because they wont do anything to stop it being ruined. then i wont buy their games again)

And ubisoft..
They have managed to get away with it because they dont make games i like, so it does not really offend me when they ruin them.
But they do so many little obnoxious things that drag down pc game standards that they very nearly have made the list..
however because they dont make anything i want to play any way they dont even need to go on the list.. but if they do make a game i like then they ruin it. they will make the list..

I wont even mention konami because really they are on crack or something. and cant be held responsible for their actions (that is the only explanation i have for konami)
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