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Old 11-03-08, 10:20 PM
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Which CPU?

alright guys

i have 2 machines here looking to put the best parts together but unsure which CPU would be better???

im currently using a P4 2.0 ghz 400 mhz FSB whereas my other system is a AMD athlon 2600+ 333 FSB i belive it has the barton core (serial number axda2600dkv3d) also the pcb is brown whereas my other 2600+'s are green would i be correct in saying this is the 512 k L2 cache barton??

which of the 2 cpus would be better? there both using the same amount and speed ram, the one pc is using a compaq mobo which cant overclock only has AGP 4x which is anoying but the otherone is a ASRock mobo with 5.1 surround and AGP 8x and obiously can overclock

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