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So i've just watched this, and I am by no stretch of the imagination an Audiophile, but i do like music and i prefer it to be clear and crisp and natural sounding as i can achieve.

Now i have a set of ATH M50, they're not exactly high end headphones, but they are considered as a number one buy in the £150 price bracket. In the last year ive built a Z77 rig and a Z87 rig using both onboard audio, SupremeFX, now it doesn't sound terrible, but its designed to be an 'all round solution' i have a friend with a STX and ive tried my M50's using that sound card using the Flac audio from my collection, and it sounds completely different, the high's are clearer, mids sounds perfect, and the low end is punchy.

Then a couple of the guys twisted my arm into getting a Fio E10, and now i power my M50's from that and the same audio files sound very similar to the STX, although i found the E10 drives my headphones a little easier.

Now for Logan to say soundcards are a waste is a bit ignorant, because 'he came from music' he should know that onboard solutions are built as a cost effective option, and soundcards being dedicated to audio processing are more efficient at providing high quality sounds.

My cousin who is no expert on the subject, he plays football manager thats as far as his gaming goes, apart from Fifa on the console, he used my E10 and headphones and was shocked at how much more immersion he got from using that, now if he can notice the difference, surely there's something to it!

I know for a fact if i had a extra slot in my rig id have a STX all day long, people don't go around saying something is amazing if it not?

For gaming a additional soundcard may be an overkill, but for audio, no its not!!
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