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I've had a change around, I've pulled my 1080 from one of my other old rigs & put it in this one.

The 1080 was never really folding to its full potential in the old X6 1055T anyway due to the low 2.8ghz clock & to be honest the 1070 was near enough as fast in this old i5 2500 as the 1080 was in the other. Granted certain Core22 wu's let the 1080 stretch its legs but most were held back by the low base clock.

Oh well, what to buy now? Mind you i don't think i'll bother as all cards seem to be like £100+ more than they were a month+ back (is someone taking the **** or what)

RTX 2060 Super / GTX 1080 / GTX 1070 DEAD (AGAIN)
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