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Originally Posted by Etihad View Post
Thank you for the this reply. Thats all I needed. I will not be purchasing it and I'm sticking to what I have. It could always be worse and I just need to be thankful that I got a decent chip from retail. Appreciate it a lot
No worries, glad someone could take advantage of my previous mistakes

I get you though, a golden chip seems like eye candy, but it’s not worth it from many aspects in your case: The CPU is old now, new CPUs are around the corner, you won’t gain much in terms of performance and it’s very loosely due to you ”might” get away with it if you sell stuff etc and hence it’s even more risky in that regard.

Lastly and most importantly - you already have one and it works. Why change something that has clearly served you well thus far.

What is saying that IF you would buy this new chip, it might cause you problems and might pop after some time.
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