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Thread: Smoking Sucks !
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Originally Posted by Dicehunter View Post
Appreciated, We were all warning her for the better part of 3 decades, There's only so much you can do sadly.
76 is still a ripe age dude. My dad died at 35 and was a party smoker (IE he smoked at the weekends, maybe 10 the whole weekend).

Some people don't want to live to 90 odd either. Looking at my mother in her 70s? well she can barely move, barely walk, has all sorts of other issues etc etc. Sod that. To me? I don't enjoy life enough to make all that worth it.

Everything is the same as everything. Moderation. Only we are not programmed that way, or, very few of us are.

As for vaping? The only thing it has in common with smoking is nicotine. Other than that it is completely different.

Now I agree that I hate public smoking. It absolutely stinks. At the end of the day here (I live opposite a pub at mum's place) my bedroom stinks like an ash tray. Vaping however? does not do that, given it is vapour and not actually burning smoke.

And yes, vaping with nicotine is highly addictive and should not be pushed anywhere or advertised anywhere. Just like smoking.

However, the day that stops happening? will be the day they stop advertising alcohol and filling supermarkets with it. IE, the 12th day of never. There's simply too much money in it.

Society tells us to consume. No matter what it is, they want us doing it to extremes. Watching videos on YT for the ad revenue, staring at our phones for ad revenue and control etc etc. All of those things are just as bad for you as anything else in life. Once again, it all comes down to moderation. Only no chance. We are not told that, and we are not raised that way. Consume consume consume. No matter what, do it in high volume and make the most revenue. Smoking, vaping, drinking, watching TV, eating, snacking, etc etc.

And the problem is as humans where we mostly love doing things to extremes? well, that is what ends up happening.

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