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Originally Posted by Cru3L139 View Post
the video is basically an advertisement for mayflower products
The thing is they say more than once, that an onboard soundcard is often sufficient.
I give you that they do a bit of product placement of the mayflower dac. But the thing it is based on a design available to everyone. You can buy a DIY kit for a 100 bucks I think.

I find this topic highly interesting. The thing is it can get highly ethereal sometimes and sometimes downright stupid. Like digital cables for a couple of hundred bucks for example.

I have to say most of the things said in the vid sound plausible to me. And I have heard similar things from other people.

In the end audio will always be one of the most subjective topics around, because perception of audio is highly subjectiv.
"The road to hell is paved with good intention."
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