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!!!Why internal gaming soundcards aren't worth it !!! (this is usefull for everybody)

I've been telling people to stay away from internale soundcards because they make your
audio quality worse but no matter what i said some people wouldn't listen to me.
but the day has finaly come that one of my favorite youtubers Logan made a vid
about this audio problem and why you shouldn't throw your money away with buying a
soundcard. I hope this convinces some people because i'm tired of people telling each other
that there soundcard is great and even recommending it. Just watch this and i hope no one
will make the mistake off
buying a soundcard again after watching this vid

Welcome to the world of people who know better (well atleast when it comes to audio)

i'm not trying to offend anybody
I'm not saying people how bought soundcards are stupid i'm just saying that this is the way to go to improve your audio from now on
saying this because some people are really sensitive to the criticism on how they spend there money
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