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Well if you've seen the latest article on the home page by now you'll have already worked out that it's time to add in a bit of the detail and share with you guys what's been keeping me out of Mrs Dubs Hair for a while.

The MSI Z77A GD55 is a cracking motherboard sharing many of the attributes of it's bigger brother, which was the main reason it was chosen for this project. What didn't fit with the theme of the project was the heavy dose of electric blue on all the heatsinks etc.

We decided that nice though the blue was it would have to go. If you want to change the colour of the heatsinks you've got quite a few options, aside from actually swapping them for other heat sinks of course. option 1 is to remove them and paint them, here you do of course run the risk of damage to the motherboard + all the hassle of getting them of (assuming everything you want to change the colour of will actually come off). Option 2 is to mask off and to spray items in situ. i gave this serious consideration, but as my paint shop is essentially a shed with some polythene lining and the weather has been far from clement I chose not to risk it. I was also a little concerned about static build up and discharge harming components. Finally option 3 which is the option of choice. It's the most lengthy and time consuming and does require a great deal of patience and a degree of skill perhaps. If you haven't guessed by now it's all been painstakingly hand painted. Took a good couple of days and 3 coats per item but I'm really quite pleased with the result. I think it really transforms the MSI board. Who knows MSI might even bring out a "G-Dubs Black edition" board.

A few pictures of the board after the first coat and then fully painted and installed. You'll notice the odd bit of blue peeking out on some images, in particular the PCI slots as obviously the inside of these where the connectors live can't be pained. All the other little bits were picked up on the 2nd and 3rd coats.

These also used to be blue.

I spent a good deal of time deciding which fittings to go for, eventually deciding I would spend my hard earned wedge with the great guys at Specialtech, and splash out on some Bitspower fittings. I've always lusted after these and thought I'd treat myself. They didn't disappoint, oh good god no. You had a bit of a sneak peek a few pages back, but here they are in all their naked glory.

Behold watercooling porn (queue 70s wakka wakka music)

thanks you all for taking the time to look. next up will be fitting the excellent razor and raystorm blocks.

See you soon and Mod on Guys.
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