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Old 25-06-10, 10:39 PM
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Harddrive not showing up.

I just came back from the Florida, while I was florida I bought two new harddrives. One 400GB, and another 500GB. Both of them worked back in florida. When I came back to Texas today from the airport I put both in my computer. The problem is that the 500gb Harddrive isnt showing up in My Computer, yet the 400gb is.

At this moment I have 3 harddrive hooked up to my computer, the two listed above and another 320gb.

All of the harddrives are showing up on the bios but on the 320 and 400gb show up on my computer. I checked to see if there were any jumpers on the harddrives but there arent any and made sure all sata cables are pluged in which they are. Anyone know any way to help me out?

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Old 25-06-10, 11:05 PM
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hit the windows button

right click on my computer

click manage

go to storage

find the missing drive and intitialize it

it should ask if you want to format too, if not right click on the black bar of the drive and select new partition

go through the gubbins and job done your drive should be visable now
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Old 25-06-10, 11:07 PM
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Thanks Man, I should've looked a little harder on the forums before I made the thread :\
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