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Old 07-12-09, 10:25 PM
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Ssd - £150+/-

Oh what one to get indeed?

Too many to chose from, I am confused, but I know Red October Mk2 is going from a Velociraptor to a SSD in the next month or so, so which ones a good 'un? 64gb should be ample, I rarely play alot of games, just Counter Strike and overclocking...

Saw Vons review on the Kingston V+, but it seems hard to find, also hearing good things about Crucial and Corsair, but both seem a bit more expensive than Kingston. OCZ Vertex looks awesome, but for 64gb is pushing £200 notes which might be a little too high got me, so what do you all think?

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Old 07-12-09, 11:11 PM
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the 64Gb V+ can be ordered from ccl, had a few things from them that was to order and got them in about 5 days via standard delivery

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Old 10-12-09, 04:36 AM
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I was gonna suggest this one, bit it appears oos.


Biggest thing I think sways people on these, are the controllers (other than r/w speeds and costings obviously). Word has it that the Samsung one is great, with the Intel being a more expensive consideration. (more expensive than something that is inherently too expensive is something to wrap ur head around)

Got a bunch of Corsairs to play with atm.

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