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Old 21-05-21, 05:18 AM
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All these space game screenshots are amazing. I'm so irritated I can't get to try out Odyssey until late Saturday. Even then not for long

Haven't played in a while as my recent time has been spent in Rome TW Remastered. Probably should have played ED to get back into the swing of things!

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Old 01-06-21, 12:50 AM
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Elite Dangerous, Started my journey to getting some Guardian tech, My first being the Guardian Frame Shift Drive Booster so my jumps can be a fair bit longer.

My Imperial Cutter and 1 man fighter, Both made by the ingame company "Gutamaya", The former being kitted out with around 1 billion credits worth of tech.

Actually being able to properly land and get out of your ship thanks to the Odyssey expansion inside stations or on planets/moons gives a real sense of scale as to how big these ships are, In VR it's a 1:1 sense of scale and the ships are truly titanic.

= Steam/Origin/Uplay - Dicehunter =
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