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Old 22-06-18, 02:39 PM
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Asus Z97-Pro Issues

Had some issues today with my Mobo\PSU.
Started the day by getting no BIOS code (I.E. 00), swapped my old PSU which I wanted to do that for a long time, and my CPU with my bro's (4690K for a 4670K) because I thought there was something wrong with that.
Later I managed to get a 15 bios code after swapping the CPU and power supply, so I reset CMOS via battery, which then at long last I managed to get a screen.

Now it crashes every half an hour or so, no matter the load. Temps are fine, running idle or stress testing doesn't matter.

Current system is:
4670K @ stock
2x8gb G-Skill RAM
Corsair RM650i

Sounds like a driver compatibility issue or is my mobo just bad?

ATM waiting on Windows 10 to download onto a flash drive, going to try a fresh install to see if that helps.
Edit: Updated BIOS, waiting for crashes

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