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Originally Posted by alpenwasser View Post
Now that has turned out very nice indeed IMHO, definitely
looking forward to the watercooling stage of this project.

And yeah, weather's been pretty nice here lately, took the
opportunity to go for a 4.5 h hike with my dog on Sunday.
Originally Posted by SuB View Post
Very nice to see this coming along Can't wait to see what you do with water in there as well

Do love these cases, so robust!

Shame you couldn't leave some of the graphics card supporting stuff in there, would help with the GPU droop loads.
Thanks guys!!

Your right the card does hang down quite a bit, but the triple slot cooler is very and I think the cables are also pushing down a bit because they were initially routed to the first 16x (next to the sound card) which is now blocked due to de right angled sata cable.
The built in support stuff was connected to the logicboard and was damaged when I removed it, also since my mainboard sits now further down (where the PSU was) it would have been al lot of work to modify it.
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