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Originally Posted by You_What? View Post
Nice guide mate, TBH, I'd not even known what Cable Lacing was till this guide, must have missed it in alpenwasser's build (I must run over to those threads to give the pics a closer inspection), ta!
Haha, no worries. I started looking into it a few months ago but didn't know what it
was called, so I started searching for "sewing cables". Via a few detours I finally
found out that it was actually called cable lacing, which then sent me on a vast
journey through the depths of the interwebz to look for more info about this ancient
art. After finding a few things here and there (NASA has a nice instruction manual
on lacing) I then took what I'd learned and worked out this technique.

The trick was how to make if free-floating. A very similar technique is used to tie
cable bundles to what looks like small ladders, but of course I don't have the
structural support of that in my PC case unless I build little ladders everywhere
(which would just look ridiculous ).

So I had to figure out how to get the same look, but without the structural support
by solid tie down points.

Originally Posted by Reloaded2 View Post
Great Cable Lacing Tutorial alpenwasser, ill be trying this and ill post a thread showing my work. Wish me luck LOL
If you wish I think it would be ok to post your work here. We could make this sort of
the OC3D cable lacing thread where we show off each other's work. Just a thought.

Originally Posted by You_What? View Post
Back from having a look at Zeus.

LOL, you know what I'd noticed it but thought that was actually how it'd been cable braided?
Na, that was all me.
Originally all the wires were unsleeved and naked.

Originally Posted by You_What? View Post
Thanks for the guide mate, something definitely for the builds! Thanks to alpenwasser too!

Let me head back over and drool some more!
Happy to help, and go right ahead.
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