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Originally Posted by AlienALX View Post
If it's raw metal you will need to blow it with self etching primer first. If you don't it will literally side off afterward. Then go into primer.
im not trying to undermine you Alien but Etch and Wash primers are now pretty old school in the automotive painting industry but i do get that if your going to be painting at home you may not have access to a compressor and a paint gun or may not want to spend the extra money on different products but epoxy primers and sealers are the products 90% of painters now use for bare metal because it has a lot of advantages over etch primers.

Etch primer: -

Positives - good for bonding to bare steel and aluminium, cheap and easy to get hold of.

negatives - not waterproof, can not apply 2k fillers over the top of it as putting a 2k filler over the top of it will soften the etch primer and they will both stay soft afterwards. This is not so good in the automotive industry as the filler is not sealed on both sides from moisture. i get here it in the computer world it wont be so much of an issue but id still rather do any filling over paint than on to bare metal

Epoxy primer: -

Positives - will stick to bare steel, copper, aluminium, galvanised steel, aluminium alloy. 100% waterproof so good for long term projects that may sit around for a while, can apply filler over the top of epoxy primer with no issues, has a 24 hour to 48 hour time frame before over painting it without the need to key the surface up. you can also paint it wet on wet if needs be (you paint over it after its flashed off meaning you dont have to wait for the epoxy to dry before apply a standard primer or colour)

Negatives - the only two drawbacks with epoxy i can think of are the fact you really need to apply it with a paint gun although you could apply it with a paint roller or paint brush and its a bit more expensive than Etch or Wash primer
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