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Originally Posted by SOA_RRU View Post
Looks like it might actually be my 1080 that's gone as i've tried another psu and still no boot, funny thing is testing the old psu again and the fault codes that appeared the 1st time no longer show up

Last resort is to wait till my current WU is finished on this rig and try the 1080 in here.

Zen 2 + RTX Super can't come soon enough
Went thru a similar scenario, no boot and PSU tested dead. Bought a new PSU, but re-tried old PSU before changing over. Computer booted and ran but smelled electrical and 1080 felt hot. Card temp in Afterburner showed OK, then computer died again. Let everything cool off, removed card and rebooted. Computer ran just fine using on board video. It's now folding with an old 9770 AMD card. New PSU will be returned.

If I get another card it'll probably be used 1080/1080 TI.
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