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Seems controllers are pretty competitive - I guess being a console title means they really nailed the car control down nicely.

I use a G29 and a desk which is relatively cheap, however the bug has bitten and when I move into my new place I'll get a proper rig. Either an 80/20 aluminium set up or something like the Next Level GT Ultimate or RSeat. They're not super cheap though.

Ideally it would be something I can mount my HOTAS and Rudder pedals to as well for flight sims and Elite: Dangerous. I think swapping the pedals may be a PITA though. Maybe I'll end up with two rigs.

As far as wheels and pedals go I'm happy with my G29 (for the price) but it's like anything. There's always one better for just a little more money and before you know it you've gone from the equivalent of a sensible GTX 1060 to a 1080ti

I'm also keen to try VR however I'm pretty susceptible to headaches so I think I'll wait another generation. Triple monitors are awesome but if space is a premium you're better off with an ultrawide. I'd happily go to a single 34" for racing/flight sims and get a Track IR or similar.
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