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The type of input lag I am talking about is when your monitor has Vsync enabled and thus locks you to the refresh rate of your monitor, but the FPS dip causes lag between you and the monitor. IE - control lag. So for example you aim up your sniper rifle and hit fire. However, there is a delay, and you miss. If you disable Vsync when you don't actually need it (IE when the frames are less than the sync rate of your monitor) this does not happen anywhere near as apparently. That is basically how Nvidia explain it.

As for massive refresh rates and low resolutions? it all depends on what type of gaming you are doing, and whether or not you will benefit from that. As an example, try running Fallout 4 above 70hz and watch what happens. You will totally bust the game. As you try and enter a console it will just repeatedly jump around crashing the game.

The same goes with other games of course. Massive refresh rates are something that need coding for (much like Super Widescreen et al) and thus some games just won't work properly at all.

If you are playing competitive games like CS:GO? then yes, that is the set up to have. However, if you are all round gaming and want to play a bit of everything it could well be a PITA.

Also, I do pay attention to graphical fidelity. Especially as I get older and my eyesight begins to fail me. Sounds to me like you are obviously playing some pretty frantic stuff if you don't have time to notice what it looks like. All horses for courses.

I too had a 4k 60hz screen. Gsync. Unfortunately at that time there really was no way to get 60FPS or even near it even with two top end cards (Titan Black) and then of course by the time Titan XM came along SLi was already beginning to get the heave ho. So it's only really been since the launch of the Titan XP that it would have been worth having and of course, it's long gone. I couldn't stand the BLB and had severe issues with it with a Fury X. So it had to go.

I now game on a 70hz 32" Freesync monitor using Adaptive. I find it more than acceptable. Especially because any game worth running at 4k can be DSR up to 4k 70hz and look great.

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