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Originally Posted by AllyB View Post
Yeh WIFI is a big one as i've got no way to run a cable to the computer, with where it is located.

Just had a look through that coolers nice but if the coolermaster will do the job thats good then, with regards to the memory thats a new one i wasn't 100% aware of that ryzen 7 has issues with memory! So i may have to relook at that as i'm only getting everything from OCUK, i'll have to have a relook at memory. What i may do is drop the Mobie down to a strix so i can change the GPU for the strix instead of the gigabyte.
Cool, though you will have to use a WiFi card as I don't think the Strix has one built in.

Some memory kits can be a bit iffy with Ryzen, but if you use the most recent BIOS you shouldn't have too much trouble. Look and see what other users of that board can get to 3200MHz, though my recommendation still lies with that G.Skill kit.

I can understand why you want to buy from a single retailer but Isn't exactly a bad place to buy products.

Here is the QVL list for ASUS' Crosshair VI Hero motherboard. Hope this helps.

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