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Originally Posted by WYP View Post
I have had the opportunity to work with most of AMD's Ryzen CPUs (helping TTL with review testing) and I can say that 1700 is the best buy as far as the 8-cores go. They all overclock similarly and the R7 1700 is the cheapest and has a stock cooler (handy as a spare cooler).

I'll get on PC parts picker and compile a list of parts.
Tbh the 1700x looks the dogs balls tbf, it can overclock real nice, is slightly cheaper so it benefits there and overal seems a pretty good chip.




That's what i've got so far i may change the GPU tbh though,

Memory wise i'm looking at either of these two.



as for the rest PSU wise i've got this


i am however going to run a different CPU cooler though, thinking this but not 100%
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