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Originally Posted by AllyB View Post
Ah fair play that clears things up alittle!

As i said i do want to try keep my budget 1500/2000 with the basket i listed plus a case and a couple of other bits it is sitting about that.

I suppose what i'm more getting at is, do i really need to go and buy a 8700k or would a 1800x or 1700x be fine for what i want? The GPU i'm looking at it around 700/800 so not a cheap one!
The 1700 is more than enough. However, again it would be daft to buy one with Ryzen + coming.

If you are sticking to single GPU (which I strongly advise) then the B350 Strix by Asus is more than good enough.

It's all about the GPU now mate. Well, once you go over 1080p any way.

But yeah, just hold off on the board and CPU for now. The 8700k is £369 on Amazon atm which tbh? is not a bad price. However, I can guarantee that AMD will be releasing an 8 core CPU that will clock much better than the 1700 and will cost around the same. An extra two cores and threads means that you have a good 20% more computing power for the same amount of coin.

IIRC the 1700 released at £330. So if you take that as the price for the + version of the low end 8 core.. Yeah, still works out cheaper. Plus the B350 strix costs a whopping chunk less than a Z370 board.

Just looked up your board (the gaming 7) £230. The B350 Strix costs half that. Even the elite X370 board costs £30 less.


So yeah, that's £70 saved plus two more cores and threads.. If you can live with a single GPU then the B350 Strix has everything you need for half of that.

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