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Originally Posted by SeekaX View Post
finally an update, you have been abstinent for a while.
the fan grill looks very nice, but i am not too sure about the PSU bracket. it looks a bit ghetto.
does this mean helios will finally have an update again? it's a shame that the build will probably be outdated before it is finished, it would drive me mad to have a Titan lying around for over a year.
Yeah, the PSU bracket comes stock with the case, and due to geometric
restrictions there isn't really much I can do to change it. It gets the job
done at least, that's my primary concern with anything that goes into this

HELIOS will still have to wait a bit, I needed to invest more money into this
rig than I originally planned (as is usual I suppose ), which means it'll
take me even longer to save up for the final stages of HELIOS.

It is however up and running in a temporary ghetto-setup at the moment
so that I can at least make use of its components.

PS: Yes, there's definitely enough radiator power in there, currently running
the two CPUs and the GPU on one 560, easy-peasy.

Originally Posted by mehere View Post
now thats a tight fit
look right though
just one comment can you change the yellow tape to red to match the sata cables
Hm, I don't think I have red tape lying around.
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