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Originally Posted by airdeano View Post
congrats on great heat control. you got that on a auto shutdown or throttle-down if a fan
goes south?
'cause if being that "tight" on temperature one fan poops and it should rocket to super heat.
you even may wanna mock a fan down and verify..
i'll test such scenarios to make sure a backup plan exists...

Is that aimed at me?

I've got full CPU/twin GPU water cooling set up based on twin DDC 18w pumps in series hooked up to an RS360 and Alphacool 360 monsta. Each rad has 3x Scythe GT Typhoons. All attached to a Lamptron Touch FC.

I completed all these tests at my quiet everyday settings with both pumps and fans at 7v. I just tested to see what would would happen if I lost all 6 fans and 1 pump under stress testing @ 4.8GHz. It's taken about 10 mins for the core temps to rise to 83 degrees (hmm might have over done the cooling lol).

Of course if I lost the fan controller then I loose that last pump as well which would be bad. I haven't actually found the auto protection feature in BIOS yet, but that means I haven't touched it and presumably it would be on by default, I hope!

Originally Posted by pete21121 View Post
Awesome guide man. Im still not positive that my overclock is decent, as im still having to use 1.208v load to get 4.3ghz stable. Temps seem fine though, mid to high 70s max in intel burn test.

Are you checking the Windows Event Viewer to check for WHEA errors? Because i can manage hours of stress testing without crashing, but still get CPU core errors with lower volts.
There's probably an element of silicon lottery in there as well but I'd still expect you to be making x43 at under 1.15v really. If it's not stable though, it's not stable. There isn't really much you need to play with to make these over-clocks and that means there isn't much that can go wrong.

Have you tried the Turbo profile idea? That might suit your situation better. For reference when I set LLC to 0 on auto volts it ironically produced 1.208v under load too so you'll still get x43 from your system but speedstep will still be able to pull back the volts at idle to around 0.9v.
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