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Originally Posted by alpenwasser View Post
Ha, I used to study that! Had to drop out due to my health problems though .
Now I've switched to ET/IT, starting Wednesday. I was able to transfer quite a few
credits to that though, so I won't need to completely start from scratch.

It's a good degree, I really enjoyed it (for the most part, there will always be things
one does not enjoy as much as others of course). My favourite courses in the first
year were probably calculus/Analysis (yup, I'm a bit deranged ) and mechanics.

If ME still has as many students as it used to when I was there you'll most likely be
coming through the ET/IT buildings quite a lot (the largest lecture hall is in that area),
so maybe we could meet up at some point. It would certainly nice to talk computers
with somebody in person for a change, I don't really know anyone IRL who's as
enthusiastic about the subject as I am.

Either way, I wish you a good start!

PS: If anyone starts whining about how hard it is to pass the first year exams: As long
as you do your homework diligently you shouldn't have a problem. It's a lot of work (at
least it was for me ), but totally feasible.
Sad to hear that you had to drop it. But ET/IT sounds also very interesting, two mates of mine start studying that. Would be cool if we met once and have a chat about computers.

Wish you a good start too!
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