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Merak 11-07-15 08:57 AM

Does the GPU fit?
Hi, im thinking of getting a new GPU. Now I'm not an expert, so i would like to ask: Would the MSI GTX 970 4G Gaming fit into my Xigmatek Asgard III Case with the Z68 extreme3gen3 Motherboard?
Thanks in advance!

Dark NighT 11-07-15 03:00 PM

It will fit just fine.

Merak 11-07-15 03:44 PM

Nice, thanks :-)

Feronix 11-07-15 03:49 PM

It will probably fit as long as you have no hard drive installed at the same height as the video card (I couldn't find how long of a GPU the case actually supports).

Either way; I'd stay definitely recommend you to upgrade your case to something with a little more room, and definitely more airflow.

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