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MrKambo 16-02-13 06:02 PM

The Ultimate Game Screenshot Thread [IMAGE HEAVY WARNING]
I looked around but i couldn't find one, so decided to make one.

Sleeping Dogs, with High Res Texures, completely maxed out @ 1080p

B3rni3 16-02-13 08:20 PM

Here is some screenshots from Far Cry 3. Everything maxed including full AA and SSAO @ 1080p.






iBeInspire 16-02-13 08:53 PM

I may be cheating, but new Unigine Valley benchmark is gorgeous...
I'll try get some nice screens from different games too, I like photography:P

iBeInspire 16-02-13 09:01 PM

Found these in my ''GameScreens'' folder... Some nice shots :P


Obviously none of these are anywhere near maxed, my rig can't do that; but still, One does what one can ;)

dalewakelin 16-02-13 09:06 PM

I can see this thread in 1 year having people saying how bad the graphics are on the first ones. Really good graphics you all have :)

yassarikhan786 16-02-13 11:11 PM

Some shots of Just Cause 2 maxed on my 580:

1920 x 1200




dalewakelin 16-02-13 11:15 PM

Thats nearly photo-realistic :O

yassarikhan786 16-02-13 11:17 PM


Originally Posted by dalewakelin (Post 615925)
Thats nearly photo-realistic :O

Yeah, Just Cause 2 is a really fantastic looking game. It's very smooth as well. Around 50- 70 fps average, depending on the situation.

MrKambo 17-02-13 02:44 PM

Just Cause looks awesome, i might play that next

SieB 17-02-13 03:13 PM

Dead Space 3

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