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SparkleDJackson 14-05-14 05:39 PM

To upgrade or not
cap lock off. soz guys.

so im a little confuzzled right now. i have 2 wc'd evga 670 ftws that perform great at 1440 in most games with cranked settings. so i was thinking about upgrading early before volta which was the original plan. so the options i was thinking of was

780 sli
780 ti single
titan black single

i like the idea of the black because of all the ram naturally but its no better than a ti. im not spending over a K on the parts so no Ti sli but i could manage 780 sli and wc parts.

if i did upgrade then i would e left with 670s and would have to offload them. what sort of money should i be looking to offload them for.

cheers gents

dodo21x 14-05-14 05:41 PM

I would stick to 670SLI and wait for new NV

Permafrost 14-05-14 09:08 PM


Originally Posted by dodo21x (Post 756367)
I would stick to 670SLI and wait for new NV

^^^ this

Mysterae 14-05-14 10:26 PM

I've been down this road so I'll share my experience.

I had 2 EVGA 670 SC's 4GB and eventually 3 of the beggers. I did numerous benches before and after replacing them with 2x 780Ti's and was surprised at what I found.

2x 670's traded blows with one 780ti, beating it more often than not. Remember the heat, power, noise and game optimisation issues that 2 cards bring, I'm sure you've experienced it all :).

3x 670's always tanned the single 780ti, but the same issues of heat, power blah blah that 3 cards bring. I did it for s and giggles, it was never going to stay like that. If your motherboard and psu can handle it, it'll be the cheaper option to ensure 780ti beating performance, but I struggle a little to recommend it.

2x 780ti's wipes the floor with 2 or 3 670's in all games and benchmarks, as you'd expect.

I got on average 150 for each 670 which wasn't bad considering I'd butchered them, but lost money after suckbay and payenemy took their combined >18% cut. Should have punted them on here, but live and learn!

Given your options:

780 sli - not sure, but I think the performance jump won't be that big.
780 ti single - you'll actually be losing performance from what you're used to.
titan black single - again you'll be losing performance, the extra vram means naff all at this present time, unless you pair it with another and go higher res.

If you can't go for 2x 780ti's, I'd go for another 670, watercool all three and have fun! You'll get better than single 780ti performance where game optimisation allows, a nuts looking system and all for less than the price of a 780ti. They have to be watercooled though, it's a lot heat and noise when combined.

WYP 14-05-14 10:28 PM

I wouldn't recommend a Titan Black, I have a 4GB R9 290 and from what i have tested I haven't gotten close to using 3GB at 1440p, never mind my 4GB.

The 6GB of ram on the Titan Black would be a waste TBH. You could get a 780Ti and WC it for a smaller price.

SparkleDJackson 14-05-14 11:31 PM

Cheers for advice guys but I have decided to wait for the bells and whistles maxwell and I'll just lower the settings if I have to until then. Lol

Cheers again bros

SparkleDJackson 16-05-14 01:20 AM

these come out tomorrow http://www.scan.co.uk/products/6gb-e...s-2304-dp-hdmi seriously considering sli-ing two if these if they can confirm current blocks work.


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