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Toxcity 30-06-08 10:47 PM

Designing a Cube case
I am in the middle of looking for a case for my main rig.

I was a cude... the shape is so sexy. :)

Been looking at this one, because of the price.

But then relised it was a Micro-ATX case. Then I discovered every cude case was Micro! :o

Or at least the ones I have looked at.

Could someone give me a hand in looking for a cude case for ATX and with a little space for some serious water cooling? :D


WC Annihilus 30-06-08 10:56 PM



Toxcity 30-06-08 10:58 PM

Nice find WC! ;)

I was also looking into something a little more affordable.

But GAWD I would love that Lian Li.

Ham 30-06-08 11:22 PM


Comes in at just under 200 inc vat.

Proper cubes are expensive. Build one yourself :D

gotmaxpower 01-07-08 12:29 AM

I was thinking about building one of these...

Where do you get decent uATX PSU's? Been looking on Scan, but they dont exactly have the best range. :(

mrapoc 01-07-08 08:12 AM

I went through the same crisis a couple of weeks ago tox

I wanted a smaller than normal case (a cube) with potential for watercooling and not massively expensive

I came to the quick conclusion this would only be possible with:

A mountain mods case (massively expensive and hard to get a hold of) - you're talking at least 160 without ANY accessories (come at a price of 20 per 5.25" blanking bay :eek:)

Mod a currently available m-atx case (not sure how well this would work tho)

Get a m-atx board and...well you get it

Build yer own (im too lazy and id mess it up)

Get somethin like the lian li (stupidly big and stupidly expensive)

not much of a choice tho..

give us a shout if you find a good candidate tho

glad i could help *kinda ;)*

Toxcity 01-07-08 08:21 AM

It is a shame that these cases cost an arm and a leg.

MountainMods are nice BUT they overpriced.

Thanks for all the help guys! :)

WinMXer 01-07-08 11:26 AM

You might want to consider getting an NZXT Rogue. I can't remember where I saw the review, but they look like they have plenty of room, but still fit the bill for being a compact cube case.

I'm currently using an Aspire X-Qpac Micro ATX Case which I am very happy with. It's really easy to work with & surprisingly is somewhat 'Tardis' like inside.

As with most mATX cases it holds a regular sized ATX PSU - a Tagan 480W in this instance - which conveniently sits above the 7950GX2 & exhausts the hot air with it's 120mm fan. There is also another 120mm fan ideally placed in close proximity to the CPU to exhaust the hot air, or pump in fresh cool air, however you prefer.

There's not as much choice for mATX motherboards as there is for regular ATX mobo's, but there are a few rough diamonds worth a look at. In my cube i've installed an ASUS P5V-VM DH, with an E2160 C2D & 2x 1GB Corsair DDR2 Twin2X 6400 DIMM's. It does it's job really well as a HTPC & even for a little light gaming on the widescreen. :)

Hope that helps?

Rastalovich 01-07-08 11:40 AM


This one I can see being a real pita to work inside. If u put it all together and don`t plan on any upgrades or messing about inside it for ages, it`d be ok I guess. Psu right above the pci slot area, eg.

When u said Cube, my original thought was for that flat-packed clear one PV reviewed a while back.

It`s gotta have an additional sense of achievement when u set it all up from scratch. Even if u don`t want a totally clear case, u can design whatever u want onto something printed, and of course u`ll be able to see the design through the clearness ;)

mrapoc 01-07-08 12:17 PM

I looked at the Rogue - shame its matx it looks real sweet. If some1 started modded for atx they would make a killing (iirc they are water cool ready)

i like the idea of a carry handle tho :p

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