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Old 21-12-06, 05:16 PM
jiffz jiffz is offline
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Citylink + Xmas = CRAP

Ordered a christmas present for me bro, along with a new Linksys router+wireless card combo for me mums laptop. Also, added a sony memory card for me phone. This was all done back on the 12/12/06 - plenty of leeway to get it in tome before xmas.

Citylink attempted a delivery without any notice on the Ebuyer enotes, and we missed it - fair enough. Every single time I tried calling the Citylink number I was given for my area it was engaged for at least half an hour at a time - I never actually got though because I could only attempt calling while on my break from work....

My mums been home most of the time and we havnt seen the package at all and no other delivery note. Watched Ebuyer notes and the memory card (which is from another warehouse from the 2 main items) is being dispatched - Great I made sure someone was home.

There was no sign of the Linksys router + xmas present - it was just the memory card.....

Called Citylink - engaged, called Ebuyer - 'ah it says no-one was home to receive the order'... WTF are you on! The other package was received fine.

Now I have to reorder apparently and now the Linksys package has gone up £5, and I wont get the xmas present before Xmas day.


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Old 21-12-06, 07:17 PM
nathan nathan is offline
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citylink are just crap anyways. You should see the people that work at the midlands brance, gumbars or what!

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Old 21-12-06, 08:19 PM
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I have had them not turn up before now - so I chased the order online, went to their parcel tracking thing and it said "no1 in - left card".

I never had a freakin card - phoned them to say `wtef`, and by the way the gal answer, let`s just say she wasn`t in shock.

**this has nothing to do with the theory of computer/games ordering people being the most strict in their expectations of online bookings.

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Old 20-02-07, 03:06 AM
Crono Crono is offline
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i h8 citylink took them 3 months to send me somthing once
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