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Old 05-12-06, 06:27 PM
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G84 is the next Nvidia chip

NVIDIA is working like beavers to expand its DirectX 10 capable generation. It had and still has a great success with its expensive line of G80 chips known as Geforce 8800 GTX and GTS, as they are selling like veritable hot cakes.

Well they are hot cakes and there's no competition at the moment. But the DirectX 10 capable generation needs a mainstream contender and that’s what G84 is all about. We only know that the chip is derived from G80 and will have less real pipelines and of course will end up smaller.

It is scheduled for late March or early April 2007 introduction and we can also confirm that AMD won't have its mainstream DirectX 10 to compete with this in time. So this one might once more be the dominant mainstream chip in the market.

This means the birth of $199 to $249 DirectX 10 part is not that far away after all. End of 2007 will be DirectX 10 hardware for everyone as both Nvidia and ATI will full switch to DX 10 compatible chips and will try to get rid of the DirectX 9 parts as soon as it gets.

might be a bit too late

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Old 05-12-06, 08:18 PM
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Yeah, it`s kinda par for the course.

The 7300, 7100, even 7600 I guess (although I personally like the x600 cards).

U`ll get 8800, 8600, 8400/8300? and a year or 2 after a GF8 MX (basic card with multimedia stuffz).

Somewhere after the dust has settled, a beast called 8900 or 8950 will come along and blow every1 away.. again.

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Old 05-12-06, 09:43 PM
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Fingers crossed that it'll push the 8800 prices down...
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