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Old 23-01-09, 06:49 AM
Efekkt Efekkt is offline
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Is a palit GTX 295 any good?

hey, i really wanna get a GTX 295, but i was wondering which brand would be good? and is the palit GTX 295 any good? because a shop here is selling it for about $70 cheaper than other brands.

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Old 23-01-09, 08:58 AM
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As a card it's not likely to be any better/worse than a reference Nvidia GTX295. However i'm not too sure what Palit's after sales care is like - so if the card goes POP you might have hell trying to get it RMA'd
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Old 23-01-09, 09:41 AM
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I've heard good things about Palit's CS. There's a representative who frequents a number of forums and from what I've seen he's quite helpful. (example thread)

Perhaps see if we can get him here as well?
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Old 23-01-09, 12:32 PM
soapsupah soapsupah is offline
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my GFX is a Palit one, and it works pretty good (even being a little old lol) but since i never had a problem with it its hard to say about RMA, also WC Annihilus idea isnt bad.

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Old 23-01-09, 08:25 PM
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I'm not sure about their RMA policy in your country, but all the "manufacturers" of the GTX 295 at this time use the same cards (probably built by FOXCONN) with moderately tweaked BIOSes (mostly they put their company ID tag in there, and maybe mess a little with the memory and GPU settings on OC models, only heard of a BFG OC model so far) and personalised stickers and packaging.

What I mean is that all GTX 295 should be 99% identical (where it matters anyway).

Palit and all it's sister companies account for over 40% of all nVidia products on the market today. If they had a really bad RMA reputation, they wouldn't be there.

No, I don't work for them ... but 70 bucks off seems like a good deal. In my country I'm still waiting for them to go in stock (and they cost 535 EUR here, if you can imagine that).
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