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Old 08-04-14, 09:11 PM
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Looking at reviews the 295x2 compared to 780ti SLI is the new performance king(overall as some games are biased). AMD has a winner here. Price still sucks though.. Wonder if the fall of bitcoin mining and such will ever cause this card to drop in price further?

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Old 08-04-14, 10:13 PM
Meladath Meladath is offline
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After looking at the reviews the R9 295X2 looks like the best dual GPU card to date. It's a shame that it cost's so much.

There is actually a reason to get this, over just 2 R9 290X, its much cooler and quieter.

However, for the price, you could buy 2 R9 290X, and build a custom loop to cool them... and then they would be much faster, cooler and quieter.

Still, this looks awesome. Sadly, I don't think it will cause Nvidia fanboys to change their mind, considering for the price you can buy 2 780Ti's and whilst they are much louder, hotter and slower in certain cases, they will ignore that.
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