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Old 31-03-12, 12:46 PM
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Originally Posted by X raVen X View Post

I'm not really big fan of rat9, cuz it doesnt have that good wirreles connection like mamba. TBF the glide7 looks ugly for me(its just personal preference) I really dont like mouse pads with some cyborgs or similar staff on it, I think thats for kids, just prefer plain looking mouse pads, and I will be getting Steelseries QCK Heavy.
Fair play, as you said its down to personal preference. I haven't had any problems with the Rat 9 so far and to me the wireless seems OK but I have never owned a Razer mouse so I can't really compare them sorry.

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Old 31-03-12, 09:48 PM
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Originally Posted by X raVen X View Post

What complaints mate? I heard that some people had problem with this mouse, but more people are happy with it, also I saw couple of videos on youtube made by retarded people and thay had some stupid

problems like mouse was going to sleep mode automaticly(yes it does but he had no battery left so thats why probably mouse was trying to save some power, and tell him that he should connect the cable).
The main things Ive heard are battery loosing its ability to hold a charge, jittery response, sensor dies after a while and Razer being a nightmare with tech support. Seeing a few odd problems doesn't bother me but these same few kept appearing on many different sites, makes me wonder if there is an ongoing problem with quality control.
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Ok I think that this will be my final decision

I go for Rat7Contagion Because its heavy mouse so this is what I like, also its really comfy(I have tried it, cuz my mate have old rat7). And I really like the thing that you can customize this mouse like you wish, if I will have any problem with this mouse I just gonna sell it and get something different.

And thanks guys for help.

Maybe I do a review of this mouse later on???We will see
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