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Originally Posted by stevehat1 View Post
So a little OT... But didn't want to start a whole new thread
Steve, are the rigs with the 1080's in running Windows or Linux?

Reason i ask is my new 1080 is slightly disappointing to be honest, i was at least expecting 150-200k ppd more on every WU vs my 1070 but sadly its more like 100k.

The rig in question is an old X6 1055t (stock, so i'm losing ppd here vs a high clocked cpu) on windows 7, most ive seen so far is just over 800k on a 11432 vs my 1070 which did 650-675k in the same rig.

I know i'm also losing PPD due to it only being PCIE16 2.0 but only getting around 540k on a 9415 on a 1080 seems like a slap in the face.

Granted the card isn't overclocked, boosts to around 1880mhz on the core (same as my 1070) but i was still hoping for more ppd, granted i can OC but i don't want to have to baby sit anymore than i already do

Now my plan is to try Linux on said rig to see if what they say about Linux is true

Quick Update: Looking at the PPD on my 1070 now that its in my stock i5 2500 it's pulling 100k more on each WU vs what it did in the old X6


GTX 1080 & GTX 1070
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