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Old 14-05-13, 12:03 AM
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Originally Posted by GregPalos View Post
Fairly said. I can't argue with that at all.
Thanks for posting on this thread mate!
Will do our best to make this a build you start to like!
I absolutely love that case. That's probably why I'm so gutted that it looks wrecked tbh.

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Old 14-05-13, 12:05 AM
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Originally Posted by AlienALX View Post
Tom and I weren't being rude. We were just saying what we saw.

Harsh? yeah maybe, but tell me, if you did a job badly and every one said "wow good work" would you strive for anything else?

Both Tom and I have years of experience AND both know our painting. I've gone out of my way to help out here.. This isn't just an every day build using boring old parts, this rig is all top end equipment.
Well i think you said that best yourself. I dont want people to lie but being really harsh isnt the way to go. Good that you give a tutorial of how to do it.

The way of talk in these forums isnt very appeling to many. I know a lot of people who have left. Its like "that thing look like " and without any respect to the person who have posted hes work. So things should change. All and everybody should re-thinking what they actually post.
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Old 14-05-13, 07:46 AM
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You can see it here.. Again, look at the quality of the work rather than the overall look. This was a £200 ish mod, let alone a case that cost more than the entire project.


had to laugh at the use of the smallest room in the house as a paint room.still a nice build
build log
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Old 14-05-13, 12:41 PM
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Hi guys,

Thank you so much for the comments and opinions, nice to see this case is getting some attention. Wasn't expecting this level of interest :P

This case is nowhere close to being done, thank you to everyone who has given us advice on how to do it properly. For anyone interested these aren't the latest pictures and we will put new ones up as soon as possible. We'll get to work on it as soon as possible and update this page.
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Old 17-05-13, 02:16 AM
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Well... THIS escalated quickly x-D

All that aside, once you guys get the paint fixed I rather like what you were going for, color scheme wise.
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