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Formatting HDD for Re-use

I plan on building my new system tomorrow when the parts arrive from Aria, however I am planning on formatting the hard drives in my current system (currently in RAID0) and use them in the new one. However, I'm not entirely sure how to format them without installing Windows in the process.

I doubt it would work but would it be possible to hook them up to the new system, insert the Windows disc and format them that way? If not, what other ways are there to format the drives so I can install Windows on them in my new system?

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Old 18-04-13, 03:33 PM
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well first, you'll wanna set the RAID0 up on the drives. when installation is started,
the RAID0 should show up in the drive list for the OS install. if it does, the installation
can format, prep and install just fine. if the array doesn't show up on the drive list
then you have some research to what ports can be natively used from your mobo
that support RAID. not all mobos support RAID.
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