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Old 23-02-19, 04:29 PM
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Hard Drives not picked up in Windows or Bios

Hi everyone.

A very strange problem here, I recently brought a new hard drive to replace a full one and was going to either rig it up to a spare connector on my computer or use a Sata Adaptor Cable to transfer data across. But the Sata Adaptor cable I have is faulty. So I was going to do the previous.

So I reconnected everything and should be back to normal.

But I've ran into a problem, not having touched no cables to my hard drives which by the way.

Are Two SSD's for O/S and Programs and the rest are storage drives with important data so I have 5 drives in all one of which is connected to a Sata Card via a power molex.

When I booted back to my desktop and for some strange reason only 3 drives have shown up in my computer, I meticulously went through all the sata connections and tried everything but nothings happening.

And tried swapping out a Sata Power Connector to my PSU,

Any ideas what's going on please?


AMD Ryzen 5 2600. MSI B450 Gaming Motherboard Corsair H60, Corsair Vengenance LPX 16gig DDR3

Corsair TX 750m PSU, AMD R9 390: Creative Soundblaster Z: Fractal R5 Case
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