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Old 26-09-19, 06:27 AM
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new dac/phone upgrade advice.

Hiya guys bit of a odd one, so my phone contract is coming up for renew shortly and im thinking of replacing my current phone (lg v30) the problem lies with the fact the phone is great for media consumption but the camera is shoddy at best. The inbuilt dac in the v30 is amazing for what it is and everytime someone else plugs there phone into my car or theres I hate it, is there any portable dacs I could use in my car so that I can replace my phone because I cant go back and there are barley any phones with this level audio on the market, the difference in music is night and day in my little fiesta but not so much in headphones surprisingly.

p.s ive tried using my soundblasterx g6 dac in the car and although its better than standard phone audio it still doesn't beat out the v30's output.

any advice is much appreciated, bonus points for any inline dacs like the older gen pixel phones had if im remembering correctly.

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