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Old 15-05-13, 02:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Kyze View Post
In germany you buy retail AAA-Titles for 60€. :/
It's the same way in the USA but in the UK we were taken seriously when we argued that games were too expensive.

It's only recently that they have slowly started putting up the prices.

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Old 15-05-13, 05:07 PM
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Also don't forget that you can sell on games on consoles second hand, whilst PC games are generally nowadays linked forever to the steam/origin account.

But, games these days for consoles tend to retail at about £45 most of the time. I'd say £35 new on console would be finding an offer, or priced down because of the specific console demand for that game.
You mentioned Metro, which never really had a massive appeal on consoles - and it's only real fan-base is on PC, so that probably explains the pricing of that. Maybe the same for Crysis to a certain extent.

Recently though, I've only bought my games from CJS keys - or codes from ebay if I've wanted something out of the never settle bundle or something. I don't really game as much anymore though.

What you're saying hasn't really bothered me much because of the sites like CJS keys, and the Never Settle campaigns. If there's been a game I've wanted on PC recently - which tbh has only been Bioshock and Far Cry recently - did want Crysis 3, but just never got round to it - they've actually all been in the never settle bundles. This has meant massive supply, to people that half the time don't even want the games. I mean, Aria have been giving away copies of Crysis and Far Cry with cards that aren't even powerful enough to run the games. This has meant loads of people have just sold their codes on as soon as they've bought their cards, thus, driving the price down. I got Bioshock in the first week of launch for less than £15 iirc, and even second hand on consoles at the time they were going for upwards of £25.

Just imagine how cheap we could be getting games for on ebay if Steam/Origin did allow you to resell your keys!
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Old 15-05-13, 05:13 PM
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Hear hear James.

It seems we're headed toward a world where less is more, IE we pay more and get less. Sucks ass tbh.

Certain countries do allow the selling of Steam accounts though but IIRC it's illegal in the UK.
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Old 15-05-13, 05:39 PM
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I dont mind the price on some games. Like big titles which took a lot to develop like metro and crysis because of their visual aspect. Over here the price is around 50euro which is nearly always the most you will pay for a pc game in a shop.

What annoys me is when games companies ask 50e plus for something or if the game is not worth the asking price. Something like the new assassins creed game is a poor pc game and generally it is not fun. I played for like 2 hours and just havnt touched it since. I got a free copy with my gpu but to me that is not worth the asking price.

I never pre order and I rarely buy on launch because of a few reasons. Mainly the price but also bug and performance issues which later get patched out.

I really hate dlc prices though I mean 10 euro for a few maps or some guns for something is just stupid. Hell look at the sim city dlc 20 euro extra if you got the top edition and all you got was a few landmarks. Like seriously? I could get a whole game for that.

I used to pirate a lot of games and I still do to a certain extent. I mean I will pirate something to see if it is something I may like or if it will perform well because lets face it some games are just bad. I recently downloaded mars war logs and god that game is ugly. I played 20 mins before I just uninstalled it. Now I would have been ed if I paid full price for that game but then I am happy to pay full price for something like Kerbal space program which I did recently as it is a fun game.

It really comes down to personal preference. Some people will happily pay the asking price and others will wait for it to go on sale. I am a sale kinda guy because I finish games very quickly and thus I feel like I dont get my monies worth if you know what I mean. Something like nfs I would finish in a weekend so I wouldn't ever pay full price for something like that.

Steam sales are the bees knees though. They have saved me a ton of money, oh and cjs cd keys too.

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Old 15-05-13, 07:54 PM
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I know its only a couple of quid, but dont buy games in steam direct, some shopping around in necessary, i was gonna by deus ex through steam ... £20 in maplin but comes with a disk 8.49 but can still be put onto steam...
Another thing im sure you all do is places like GAME in the UK give points for every purchase, including steam points, so i got a couple of quid extra each time i buy £30's worth, so every couple of months you can get an extra tenners worth and im sure in US and the rest of the world there are shops that off loyalty points if you box even cleverer get a play.com credit card buy your points from game and pay the card off direct so you get play points and game points all worth real money that be used on more points
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Old 15-05-13, 08:54 PM
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When the latest Devil May Cry came out here in Sweden it cost just around 70-75£ (that is ~710-760kr) and that's not for the special edition or anything fancy like that. After I saw this I lost hope in stores like Gamestop and are now waiting for the day when games are only accessible through sites like Steam and Gamersgate.
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Old 18-05-13, 10:44 AM
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The simple reason PC games cost so much is the developers got away with selling console games for £35-£40 and found ppl would pay that much. I remember before the mega drive and such you could get new pc games for £5-£!0 when Sega games started selling for £20-£25 the next lot of new pc games went up.
I don't buy many games these days but if I do I get them here
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Old 15-09-13, 02:17 PM
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Just adding my 2p - I get my keys from G2PLAY.net, I've been shopping there for years and they always seem to have good prices (not quite as low as they used to, but still really good)

They also have a rewards program where you get points for every game you purchase, and its usually amounts to at least 10% of the value of the game off of your next purchase.

I got a russian BF3 key from them for £15 at launch, it still works and plays in English

Give them a go if you like!
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Old 15-09-13, 02:55 PM
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there are only 4 times a year i buy games. steam easter sale, summer sale, halloween sale and winter/christmas sale. there are only very few exceptions to that (star citizen).
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