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Old 30-08-13, 06:53 PM
snef snef is offline
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[WIP] Snef's Red Poseidon

another project Build

Snef **Red Poseidon**

but this will be a little bit longer project, heuu in think :blahblah:

Parts list
Cpu: Intel I7 3770k: *Received*
Motherboard: Asus Maximus V Extreme: *Received*
Mem: 16 Gb (4x4)Corsair Dominator GT 2133: *Received*
GPU: 2 x HD7970 reference: *Received*
Case: LD PC-V4 TestBench: *Received*
PSU: Silverstone ST1500: *Received*
SSD: OCZ vertex 4 256Gb: *Received*
Hdd: 3 x WD 500Gb Black 7200trm 2.5” drive in raid 0: *Received*

Fan: 12 x Corsair SP120 hp white: *Received*
Fan Controller: Lamptron touch: Need To Order
CPU Block: EK Supremacy (CSQ) Plexi Nickel (polish): *Received*
Ram Block: EK Ram CSP plexi nickel (polish): *Received*
GPU: 2 x EK-FC7970 CSQ Plexi Nickel (polish): *Received*
GPU: EK-FC7970 Backplate white: *Received*
Rad: 2 x XSPC EX360 multiport: *Received*
Reservoir: EK-Multioption X3 RES 400 with white top and bottom: *Received*
Pump: D5 Vario: *Received*
Pump top: EK-D5 X-TOP CSQ - WHITE Acetal: *Received*
Tubing: Primochill Advanced LRT Clear 3/8” – 5/8”: *Received*
Fittings: Bitspower compression fitting, angle and spacer all white, Koolance QDC (silver or black not sure now): Need To Order
Coolant: EK Coolant Blood Red: *Received*
Thermal paste: MX-4 and Gelid (EK): *Received*

Sleeving: Darkside White and Red 2mm, 4mm and 10mm Sleeving *2mm and 4mm Received* Need To Order 10mm
Connector: all white connector: *Received*
White, Black and Red paint: *Received*
Full White, Red and Black Sticker: *Received*
Red and black screw, and thumb screw: *Received*
And more, inspiration will come in the building process

anyway for now its only a Teaser

Nahhhhhh, its not just a teaser, I have more pics :ass:

i'm still in panning mode and need to chose coolant/sleeving mode
my sleeving will be white with red accent

little work on fan
I want to know the result of little idea I have in my head with the fan and I think the results is really great

Corsair need to release these fan in white
what do you think?
start painting
first phase backplate, little plate on waterblock and power supply
sorry for the pics but I will not bring my camera in my paint booth lolllll :lawl:

second phase will be , motherboard block, icy dock, cpu block with plastidip
and third and final phase will be , Aquaeroe 5 (plasti dip), reservoir support, fan screw and other little thing with primer and real paint
some items are now painted
First Fannblade case Feet:
WOW! they are nice
and these feet is a must on all build/mods

I painted my CPU waterblock
and a way better than black for my Red Poseidon, imagine with red coolant, again WOW

and finally, GPU backplate, they will be install wirh red screw

i want to Give a big ***FAIL*** to EK
i tried in 2 diferent case and same thing (caselabs M8 and LD PC-V4)
i cant lock the gpu in PCIe slot because the block on GPU sit on Motherboard water block screw......serious??????? why not use the same screw as the plate on GPU (Flat head screw)

and same thing for the second card lolll

go to Update
some pics

Last Update for this week, need return working on the road for a couple of weeks

i know, no rad are installed but wnat to do a leak test becaus i splited all waterblock and want to be sure no block leak

next steps,
painting 9 more fans
painting 2 x 360 rad
cable management
installing fan and rad
real leak test and done

more update soon

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Old 30-08-13, 06:57 PM
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Feronix Feronix is offline
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Your builds just always look so elegant it should be illegal. This is becoming a piece of beauty once again. You just never really disappoint, do you?

"If a bear looks good in the woods when nobody is there, is he still a cool ass motherf***ing bear?" - JR23
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Old 30-08-13, 07:04 PM
Ulijin Ulijin is offline
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I like!

Rig Gallery:
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Old 30-08-13, 07:15 PM
Snortan Snortan is offline
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Wow...simply beautiful!
Is the 2nd function of this build to be a garage for the red car?
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Old 30-08-13, 10:35 PM
SPS SPS is offline
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Location: UK
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Very um.. white lol. Looks clean so far.
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Old 31-08-13, 10:03 AM
tinytomlogan's Avatar
tinytomlogan tinytomlogan is offline
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Nicely details build dudio. Very clean I like it.
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Old 31-08-13, 10:45 AM
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nepas nepas is offline
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Originally Posted by tinytomlogan View Post
Nicely details build dudio. Very clean I like it.
All that white and red,does it bring back some memories for you?
reserved,this space will host my BC2 sig,once I learn to shoot,err scratch that,when I learn to stop getting shot
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Old 09-09-13, 06:41 PM
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Innocent159 Innocent159 is offline
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Water cooled rams jine i'm inlove and red and white cooler scheme
I don't want a sig anymore
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Old 09-09-13, 08:12 PM
Bartacus Bartacus is offline
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I'm following you everywhere Snef! I'm e-stalking your builds on every forum you post on. Fantastic work as usual, and great pics too!
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/ custom loop
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Old 09-09-13, 08:52 PM
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Remmy Remmy is offline
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I love red and white builds, your cables look great, and you've done an amazing job on those fans

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