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Old 26-07-17, 09:39 PM
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Unraid Server OS???


Me and a friend is in the process og making a server.
I have a i5-3570 in a mini ITX case and mini ITX MB with 6 disks running XPEnology, with a SHR raid. He has an old Synology 2 disk version.
His media pc just died, so we want to combine effort, as he has a farm, and has fixed electricity for the home part of the farm

We have purchased a server case with room for 15 disks, and a 10 TB disk for parity. And a HBA controller card to expand from 6 disks to possibly 14.
The synology will be placed at may place to act as backup for a small potion of data. Dokuments, pictures and so on

But what about software? We plan on getting Unraid, as its possible to ad ekstra disks as the space is needed, as long as the disk isn't bigger than the parity disk. And it can use the intel onboard GFX to display the image from the Virtual mashine = New media pc.
So we are set to go, but are we missing some holy grail of software?
Long post for a simple question
Or have you had problems with unraid?

(FreeNAS can't expand the volumes as we want, and Synology can't be used as Media center)

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