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Old 13-11-17, 06:13 PM
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Thermaltake Wall Build at CCL Computers

Thermaltake P3 Build
Hi Again everyone, we had the chance to build and supply a wall build in CCL Computers.
Thermaltake UK had a designated display area in the store.
My buddy Steve Fowler of CCL wanted to join in and help build the display, so with the extra pair of hands offered, we jumped straight in and got the ball rolling.

Sponsors: - Thermaltake UK / Msi / HyperX.

Case: - Thermaltake Core P3 Snow
Mobo: - Msi X299 Tomahawk Arctic
CPU: - Intel I7-7820X
GPU: - Msi GTX1080TI Gaming X Trio
MEM: - 32 GIG DDR4 HyperX
SSD: - 960 GB HyperX Savage
NVME: - 240GB Kingston KC1000
Riser Cable: - Thermaltake TT Premium PCI-E 3.0 Extender
Thermaltake Toughpower iRGB PLUS 1250W Titanium

Watercooling Components:-
Thermaltake RL360 radiator
Thermaltake Pacific PR22-D5
Thermaltake Pacific W4 Plus CPU Water Block
Riing Plus 12 LED RGB Radiator Fans
Thermaltake 16/12 V-Tubler PETG
Thermaltake Pacific M-Pro 16/12 fittings.
Thermaltake C1000 White Opaque Coolant

Now that we had all the components in hand, it was time to get on up to CCL in Bradford.
Thermaltake UK were doing an event with Msi on the Saturday, so I made my way up on the Friday to get the build done.
and bumped into Tom from Msi.

With Steve’s help we got everything into the build room and made a plan of action……
Now with the Tomahawk Arctic, Psu, mounted on the core p3 it was time to put some feet on the chassis, just to help is keep the case steady whilst we complete the build. The feet will be removed at the end so we can mount it to the wall.
Steve got the 1080ti trio out of its box, and we came across our first hurdle, the sheer length of the card was interfering with our D5 pump/Res combo position.

Moving the 360 radiator over to its furthest position was still not enough, so after a little thinking and measuring, we decided to mount the res/combo on the top of the chassis.
Haven’t seen this one before………

So now we had the pump/res combo mounted, it was time to get the hardline tubing bended, Steve wanted to have a go at this, as he has never bent any tubing before. And of course Mingkei from TT UK wanted to try as well. They both done great for their first attempt.

So with all the tubing connected, its time to leak test this rig, perfection not a drop…….
Now with everything flushed through and no leaks…. Its time to add the Thermaltake C1000 opaque white. This will go nicely with the core p3 snow chassis.
Whilst the system was bleeding, Steve got the front cables sorted, and I done the cable management in the rear. Great team work..

Now we had a running system, all drives connected and running, it was time to get windows 10 installed on the M.2 and all the drivers.
Then we got it downstairs to get this mounted on the wall in our Thermaltake display area.

This has been a fun build to do, and its nice to have help for a change, and happily share some knowledge. Steve and Mingkei done well. Thanks guys……
Massive thank you to MSI, Hyperx for the continued support, Great ladies and gents to work with.


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Old 13-11-17, 08:06 PM
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Don't get it. CPU under water, GPU, the hottest part of the PC, on air. Why not water cool it all?

If you don't like what I post don't read it.
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Old 13-11-17, 10:13 PM
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Originally Posted by AlienALX View Post
Don't get it. CPU under water, GPU, the hottest part of the PC, on air. Why not water cool it all?
As they don’t make a block for the gaming x trio yet.
And msi wanted to show the new shroud off
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ccl computers, hyperx, msi, thermaltake

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