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Old 03-07-18, 12:03 PM
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Not Your Typical Question about Keyboards & Mice

Hello all,

I want to buy a new keyboard & mouse, I'm not sure if i want to try and keep everything as the same brand. My is not a typical what i should buy but i'm looking for things in both keyboard & mouse.

So my questions are.

I'm looking for keyboard & mouse with removable USB cable & with the keyboard it must have media keys volume wheel or buttons

With the mouse i have only seen two mice with removable USB cables 1. ASUS Spatha 2. Logitech G905, The ASUS as a $35.00 mark up compare to the Logitech, So i guess i have to make up my mind if the ASUS is worth the $35.00.

Keyboard wise i know there's a lot more choices when it comes to removable USB cable, But a full size keyboard is not cheap, So the next question is for someone who has use full size keyboards all the time how hard would it be to get use to a 10 key less keyboard (Some people can get used to it a lot quicker than other people).

The reason why i want removable cables for both Keyboard & Mouse is i'm planning on putting a pass thought cable grommet on my desk and plugging the keyboard & mouse into the monitor & it would make things easier for me when it comes to cleaning my desk.

To the people who pass on any advice hopefully you can understand i'm asking.


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