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Originally Posted by Tripp View Post
Mate beware of those OCZ SSD's I had one literally go up in smoke, surprised it never took anything with it. It's now used as a coaster for my mug
I know. This has been fine since firmware update, though, I don't see it going wrong any time soon. If it does, well, not much lost. It was cheap even new, in circa 2012 if I recall correctly.

At the moment I'm more worried about PSU and the motherboard. But I'm seriously considering moving back to X58 from Z97 i5, even if it means waving goodbye to UEFI, USB 3.0 and so on.

Edit: Just checked, it has clocked 33000 power on hours so far.

i7 8700k 4.9GHz - 2x8Gb 3600MHz CL15-15-15-34 - GTX 970 - 512GB 850 EVO
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