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Old 25-01-21, 07:46 PM
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MSI mobo UEFI vs Legacy mode to run old GPU

Hey, I have my new mobo (not installed yet), Reading through the manual and came to a section on UEFI and its advantages.

At the bottom of the section it mentions incompatible UEFI cases, No 32 bit windows support and older graphics cards may not work. Says you might get a message saying "There is no GOP (Graphics output protocol" support detected in this graphics card"

I tried looking my card up with this mobo (MSI mag B550 Tomahawk mobo with Radeon HD 6950 GPU) and found a post of somone having exactly that issue and looking for help, the forum people were telling him how to flash his GPU with ATI winflash program.

But I then found in the mobo manual there is a setting you can change in the bios. where you can go to BIOS MODE: and choose to use UEFI or Legacy (CSM). It is all new to me but I am assuming that if I did get the error message with my old card then I could change the BIOS mode on the MOBO from UEFI to Legacy (csm) and that would clear up the issue of the card not being supported. Does that sound correct?

By the way, Yes I will be using a newer card when I can get my hands on one, just waiting for the supply to come back and want to just run my old card until then.
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