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Old 17-07-18, 11:13 AM
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Project Cars Monthly Challenge - July/August

Here we go guys sorry for the delay, that said this challenge is going to be a tricky beast to tame a good time from. Huge props go to Warchild for a blinding lap last month, he raised the bar so high and even managed to hold off Bonkers for the very first time and in doing so also claimed a World #1 lap time but can he do it again or will we see a new contender. Best of luck guys.

The rules are simple,

Use the car and track chosen for the challenge and post your times in the thread as a screen shot of the in game leader board, it's that simple. All valid times will be added to the main Lap Times board.

Your challenge for the month of June is as follows Sakitto National with the Lotus 78 Cosworth.

Warchild - 1:00.342 (Wheel) World #1
Korreborg - 1:02.668 (Controller)
Jimma47 - 1:03:271 (Wheel)
SPS - 1:04.559 (Wheel)
Wraith - 1:06:749 (Controller)
Dayvurd - 1:09.044 (Wheel)
Daiyus - 1:13:698 (Controller)
Bonkers Mental - 0:00:000 (Controller)
Russler - 0:00:000 (Controller)


For those that need validation of their place on the leaderboard check >>here<<

Best of luck, there are only 14 people currently on the world records for this car/track combo so lets see who will be top by the end of August.
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