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Old 15-07-17, 10:05 AM
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Gigabyte AM4 Gaming 7 - Reasons not to buy

This is using a stock 1800X with 3000MHz ram

1) Stock Motherboard voltage goes up to 1.568V! ive had to use a huge offset to keep it check. not good for new comers, you can see 1.5V in the picture this happened alot, every minute it would just jump to 1.5V

2) The Smart Fan control is actually very dumb, gigabyte use their own sensors for temperature readings that are very offset! i understand they wont be close but theirs a very large margins

Gigabyte CPU sensor is 15C offset from the real CPU Die of ryzen. why not use the Die temp you read anyway??
Gigabyte GPU sensor is 8-24C offset from the real GPU temp, not a big deal but its much more offset than ASUS

3) The BIOS is horrid to use & mouse movement is very flaky. goes from extremely fast to not moving at all.

4) Plugging in my Ircam IRDAC to the DAC port turns off the GPU Signal for 3-4 seconds

5) If you run HWINFO software Then turn the PC off you have high chance the board will no longer turn on, this has been documented but i found out the hard way last night. ran it for 6 hours turned the PC off in a perfect condition next day NO power nothing. Battery Removal had to be done.

So theirs my Thoughts. Hopefully this will help some in decisions in the future.

For me no more Gigabyte Motherboards, Rather go back to ASUS an have longer RMA's & working BIOS/Fan control

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Old 23-07-17, 02:07 AM
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FYI, the voltage thing is on all Ryzen boards. My Asus CH6 will go 1.55 on stock settings when boosting to 4.1ghz.

To get Ryzen temps, it uses a calculation based on multiple sensors. There is not a stand alone temp sensor like Intel chips for the cores. AMD has always had wonkey temp readings.

Your Tdie temps looks correct for stock settings.
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Old 23-07-17, 09:12 AM
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My Crosshair VI can bump up the settings using auto to 1.4'ish volts but the idle temp with the 1800X is around 26'c on an H110i GT running in silent mode so it looks like Gigabyte just need to sort the bios to not spike the volts up so high which is very unnecessary.
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Old 23-07-17, 09:24 AM
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This was how Jayz managed to blow up an FX 8 chip. Was on a Giga, set the volts and then the board over compensated and trashed his CPU.
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Old 20-10-17, 03:43 AM
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I think Gigabyte already got the fix on their latest bios for this issue.
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Old 27-10-17, 08:08 AM
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Well will never buy a Gigabyte product again...........their software like Aorus Graphic Engine is absolutely "rot"
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Old 22-11-17, 07:15 AM
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Have you tested the latest Bios for your GBT AM4 motherboard?
It should be OK for me.
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