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Old 17-07-17, 11:40 PM
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Memory mindset...

I am currently building a 1700 build. Everything I am reading is saying that the Gskill FlareX is the best mem for this processor and I'm getting an Asus CH6 mobo. I am leaning towards getting two 2x16, instead of 4x8. Is this generally still agreed upon, or is there some info out there I have missed???

UPDATE: Actually I couldn't find 2x16 @3200mhz. So much for that plan...

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Old 18-07-17, 10:33 AM
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Mate I would stop making so many threads unless you want to fall out with the mods. I will bunch together what you have said and answer it here.

1. I would not use four sticks of memory on Ryzen unless you have to, and expect to have to run them slower.

2. Why do you want/need 32gb ram? again we are coming back to wants/needs/reality.

3. Yes you can buy 16gb sticks now but they cost a king's ransom. But that's your call to make I suppose

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